The Art of Wedding Photography

Every wedding is special,unique and creative. For me it’s more than photography, it’s about capturing love, romance and passion, with every moment captured on film and enjoyed for a lifetime.


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Weddings are the most incredible time of your life. Marrying that one special person and sharing it with friends and family is a memory that you will treasure for the rest of your life. As a Yorkshire wedding photographer, I love to be part of your day and consider it an honour to be your photographer and encapsulate the memories of your day. It is my privilege to capture moments of tears, laughter and joy for you to enjoy for a lifetime. I offer wedding photography in the whole of the Yorkshire region and beyond including Leeds, York, UK and International.

I am originally from Portland, Oregon. I have always had a fascination with the arts and technology. For me there is something special about photography, I love how you can freeze a fleeting moment in time and  look at the world differently through a lens and allow the celebration of creativity showcase peoples love for one another. Most past clients describe me as being really relaxed, which makes them feel at ease in front of the camera. My style is to spend time getting to know the things you love so that your imagery will be a showcase of not only your wedding day but also what you love most. For me being your wedding photographer is much more than capturing images, its weaving a tapestry of art for you to love and cherish forever.

The Love. The Weddings.

Capturing the dream of your wedding day can be from an old rustic barn in a field, to the most magnificent of churches, to the sandy beaches in Florida. Whatever you dream might be, I’ll capture it.

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What's the difference?

Photography is a art and attention to detail is a really big part of post processing for your wedding photographs. We don’t just take your photos we also ensure that they look amazing.

Please use the slider below to spot all the differences in this photograph. The colours are richer, the wedding dress has more details and distracting objects have been removed. Let’s see if you can find all 5 objects removed.

Move the red line left to right to see the difference
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