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Whats with that Pure Aperture name?

Believe it or not I get it all the time! What is with the name Pure Aperture?? Why didn’t you call your business Nicholas Barella photography? Well there is a simple answer to that question… Um… Well maybe not so simple. You see I have always loved simplicity and keeping things clean. From even when I was younger I loved to organise my schedule and make sure that I am on time for every event. I always loved to strip away the clutter and focus my interest on one thing. I always thought that was a “guy” thing but it turns out that there are superhuman guys out there who can multitask. I have never personally met one but I hear there are a few of them out there… Anyways, back to what I was saying is that I have a love for keeping the main thing the main thing. So when it came to choosing a name for my passion in business I had a really hard think about how I wanted to tell the story of who I was as a photographer.

A long walk and a short name

I was walking along the beach in 2009 with my family in Bognor Regis. I kept thinking about what I was going to call the business. I knew that I didn’t want to call it anything cliche like I see a lot of other photographers do. At the time I was doing a lot of studying with light and the technology that goes into creating a stunning piece of glass. I suddenly had a name and I turned to my wife and said I got it! How does “Clear Foto” sound?? She laughed and thought is sounded cheesy. I first took offence to that but realised as usually that she was right. I carried on walking along the beach and I turned to her and said, “Pure Photos?” She said that sounds better but I don’t think it still sounds right. We walked a bit further and I stopped.. Suddenly the clouds parted and the heavens opened and bright yellow beam came down and I said how does “Pure Aperture” sound?? She stopped as well and said yeah that will work. So in 2009 Pure Aperture was born and that is when I decided to start working in photography.

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